Tuesday, 14 February 2012

What is IASS 2012 ???

Salam :)

  • For those that doesn't know what is IASS,well IASS is an acronym for International Agriculture Student Symposium. The purpose of this symposium is to provide a platform for students from around the world to share their experiences and ideas that they have in agriculture. Besides that, to encourage networking collaboration among universities and students.
  • So basically its about agriculture all around the world. The participants as well the committee will exchange thoughts,ideas and also culture.Very nice :)
  • IASS 2012 is the 3rd edition of the symposium and this program has become a legacy to PERMATANI (Agriculture Student Society) in UPM.
  • Basic information about this international program. 
          Date : 19-28 Feb 2012
          Venue : Faculty Of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (Agrobio)
          Participants : Malaysia,Japan,Indonesia,UAE, Thailand, Canada,Russia and etc..
  • Well meet you there cuz...I'm also one of the committee member ...  :) 
  •  For more info, well you can check this program Facebook page ,IASS 3 (click here) and also their official webpage IASS 3  (click here).
    The Logo

    Promotion from the local newspaper



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